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Metroworkwear brings best-in-class medical wear. Our scrub pants, scrub tops, scrub caps and hats are perfect for hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, smoking cessation centers, etc. We believe that you should put your best face forward that's why our medical wear is made with comfort and style in mind rather than just being functional. you can find medical scrubs, clothes, hats, and accessories for any specialty or job. Our scrub pants and tops are super comfortable and offer freedom of movement. Choose from styles at a great price that is in style today and have been featured on this website.


Explore a wide range of scrub tops and pants featured at Metro Workwear. With an excellent fabric composition and practical design, these scrubs will offer you both comfort and style.


The stylish and comfortable scrub tops come in a round neck or v neck design and ensure that you get a customised fit. These are also well tailored as per your waist size so that there are no loose ends or unwanted sagging that might trouble you while working. The nurse scrubs come with internal utility loops and a bungee loop for added convenience. The multiple pockets compartments add more functionality to the nursing scrub top. These pockets are intelligently placed so that you can keep important documents or other medical items handy. The nurse uniform is majorly made of polyester and cotton fabric as these two give you a perfect combination of sturdiness and softness. The moisture-wicking finish ensures that you stay perfectly dry and comfortable even in hot and humid temperatures.


The scrub pants are made of 65% polyester 33% viscose and 2% elastane. While the polyester fabric offers a sturdy quality, viscose gives you an enhanced performance to withstand daily wear and tear which makes it the perfect fabric for medical uniforms. The elastane fabric again offers mechanical stretch that adds flexibility making it easy to move and work for long hours. The scrub pants for men also feature a straight leg style with cargo-style pockets to store your essential tools. These comfy scrub pants are made of a poly-cotton fabric blend and come with an anti-bacterial treatment for long-lasting freshness. While the full elastic waistband and drawstring offer a comfortable fit, the slightly tapered leg gives them a more sophisticated look suitable for a professional setting.


In addition to basic formal wear scrubs, Metro Workwear also has for you a vast range of printed scrubs in colourful designs and patterns that look attractive and stylish. To ensure a comfortable feel, these medical uniforms are made from a combination of several sturdy and soft-textured fabrics like polyester, cotton, viscose, and elastane. The easy-care fabric of the garments feels gentle on the skin and keeps you safe from allergic reactions even while wearing them for long hours. Available in sizes ranging from 2XS to 5XL, these scrubs are ideal for a medical environment where you need to be active all the time.

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    Unisex Christmas Scrubs Top Printed SS01

    Unisex Christmas Scrubs Tops. We respect the dedication and hard work of medical professionals and nurses. This is why we are here to help our hard-working...

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    Unisex Christmas Santa Pool Party Scrub Top CATRGK

    It’s the little things like all doctors and nurses wearing fun patterned holiday-related scrubs that can help create a festive feel at the workplace and cheer...

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    JB'S Women’s Scrubs Top 4SRT1

    Ideally, a spa scrub uniform should be a combination of functionality, comfort, and style. Most of the ordinary women’s scrub tops focus on the functionality without...

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    Unisex Nursing Classic Scrubs Cargo Pants H10610

    Unisex Nursing Classic Scrubs Cargo Pants H10610 Nothing can beat these Biz Collection Unisex Classic Scrubs Cargo Pants when it comes to comfort. They are perfect...

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