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Stay Visible with Hi Vis Polos

In jobs where visibility matters, our range of hi-vis polo shirts stands out. Designed to meet Australian safety standards, these workwear polos ensure you’re seen in any light and from any angle, keeping safety at the forefront.

Our hi-vis polos come in bright colours with reflective strips that catch the light day or night, making sure you're always noticeable, especially in risky work areas or during after-dark operations. 


The materials used are durable yet comfortable, allowing for ease of movement throughout your workday. Additionally, our hi-vis polos are versatile for various settings, from road construction sites to warehouse logistics, ensuring that all team members are visible and safe.

Hi-Vis Polo Shirts for Every Work Environment

Whether you're on a construction site or directing traffic, our hi-vis polo shirts are made to suit a variety of work settings. Crafted with vibrant colours and reflective materials, our hi-vis polos make sure you're always noticeable, ensuring your safety and the safety of those around you. 

The hi vis polos shirts are finely constructed workwear polos that comply with the industrial standards as well as the AS/NZS standards for sun protection. These come with a static neutral for safety in high-risk environments and a UPF rating of 50+, making them perfect to wear while working in industrial areas. 

The super-soft natural cotton fabric will comfort you all day long, and polyester gives the fabric strength and long-lasting performance.

Complete Your Professional Look

For professional and cohesive work attire, pair your hi-vis polo with workwear polo shirts for indoor meetings or with durable workwear shirts for outdoor tasks. Metro Workwear offers options that help you seamlessly transition between various work scenarios.

Durable Workwear Polo for Daily Use

Our workwear polos are built for durability. The fabric withstands the daily rigours of your job, resisting wear and tear while keeping you comfortable. With the Metro Workwear promise, these hi-vis polo shirts are a long-lasting addition to any professional's wardrobe.

Choose Quality with Hi-Vis Polo Shirts Australia

For professionals seeking high-quality hi-vis polo shirts in Australia, look no further. Our shirts are not just compliant with safety regulations, they're also made with quality materials that offer comfort throughout your workday.

Workwear Polo: A Combination of Comfort and Safety

The workwear polo is an essential piece of clothing for anyone in the industrial, construction, or service sectors. Our hi-vis polos combine the comfort you want with the safety features you need, making them a smart choice for your workwear needs.

Hi-Vis Polo Shirt: Designed for the Australian Climate

Understanding the Australian climate is crucial, and our hi-vis polo is designed to keep you cool under the sun while remaining visible. The breathable fabric ensures that even on the hottest days, you maintain comfort and visibility.

Embroidery & Printing

We also offer digital printing and embroidery services. You can customise your workwear polo clothing by adding logos and brand names on these for an enhanced appearance.

Logos are a great way to help people get to know your brand and grab customers' attention, helping your business grow and keep customers coming back. We make high-quality embroidered logos that represent your company, perfect for workers who meet new people every day and want to make a good impression. 

Construction and industrial workers can also have their names put on their jackets and vests, streamlining the identification process.

Shop the Collection at Metro Workwear

Explore the full collection of hi-vis polo shirts and more at Metro Workwear. With a focus on high-quality workwear, we make it simple for you to find all the essentials for your professional wardrobe in one place.

Need a hand? Contact our friendly team to get the support you need when picking out workwear, or using our embroidery or printing services.


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