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Custom embroidery is the thing that can make your company's uniforms look more established, secure, and sophisticated. Embroidery can give your business a higher professed value, and companies that give the additional attention to making their uniforms sophisticated, embody an air of good status and respectability.

Don't mix in with other organizations; make it a point to create your business stand out. Here are a few explanations of how custom embroidery can aid promote your business.

Professional Look with Custom Uniform Embroidery

Add a unique custom touch with custom embroidery. Logos look splendid when custom embroidered, and the excellence of the embroidery will increase the status of your employee's uniforms. It just looks elegant to make that personalized embroidery on the shirts. So if you are concerned about personalizing shirts, and you're uncertain about custom embroidery and screen printing, you can either go with both or merely stick with the classic embroidery method. If you're not assured about what garments or fabrics will look finest when custom embroidered, ask our expert.


Create Your Logo or Theme

Typically custom-created logos by expert digitizers, allow your organization to be branded and recognized. There are a few techniques to make your logos look more exclusive, such as using specialty thread or gradient embroidery. Give your company the recognition it deserves with customized logos.



Most people think if they stick to a customized logo there will be no change in the embroidery in the future. This isn't right at all. When using custom embroidery you can go with fleece sweatshirts, denim, track jackets, cotton, and even hats or aprons. Certain varieties of embroidery look better on certain materials, so check with our expert when you're at the initial stage of having a logo.



With letters embroidery, add your company’s name through custom embroidery so the client can be more personal to your business based on the first name. This will be best with customer service, while also assisting make a good first impression with your clients. Whether a restaurant manager, plumber, or waiter, it looks respectable and clean.



An embroidered shirt is a walking poster. Whether your employees wearing plain Polos or dark-colored button-down shirts, consider the declaration it would create to have your embroidered logo on the front of the shirt or applique on the back. It creates a statement.


Plenty of Experts

When you're picking a custom embroiderer, think about your needs. Many decorated clothing manufacturers can offer you many options, focused customer service, and a fast turnaround. Decorated clothing manufacturers can provide many types of fabric choices, lettering, and colors for your company’s custom embroidered logo


Prices for Workwear Embroidery (<10,000 stitches)

Metroworkwear is the sole brand that provides you with unique and splendid custom embroidered logos. Here is the price list for the garments to be embroidered.

  • 5-10 Garments $11.00
  • 11-20 Garments $9.50
  • 21-50 Garments $8.00
  • 51-100 Garments $5.50
  • 101-150 Garments $5.25


We shall provide a full PMS colour matching service and an artwork mockup pre-production with every jobs. Production time for printing and embroidery is about 2 -3  weeks after artwork approval. 
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