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by Bold Merchant Success on December 30, 2020

Using Embroidery Uniforms in the Workplace

The use of embroidered uniforms is a fairly recent innovation and was not started out of necessity, but out of a desire to create uniforms that displayed personal style and sophistication. The first uniforms were introduced in the early days of the Industrial Revolution. They were used for the application of an impregnating paste into cloth, which was then pressed onto the looms that made up the lower legs of stockings. This would then create an elegant design on the lower leg of the garment, which was a time-honoured practice at the time.


Today, embroidered uniforms have taken a different form and one of their most widespread uses is the application of safety clothing, such as suit jackets and trousers. Safety uniforms are not usually embroidered and can be found in many different ways. It could be the use of a concealed pattern which is cut into the material to be worn by the wearer, such as on workwear. They could also be given an embroidered look with the use of various types of thread colours and patterns, often to match a company's logo.


Safety workwear has seen an increase in its use, with a majority of companies having agreed to comply with current safety regulations. The use of decorative embroidery has become more common as the manufacturers of workwear have adapted themselves to this increasing use. Although the main purpose of safety uniforms is to ensure that the clothing is safe for workers to wear, they do not have to necessarily be for women. Men and women can wear safety clothing and it is not uncommon to see a variety of different prints and designs being used to apply the safety clothing to the body.