Anti-fog Medical Dental Face Transparent shields

by UP Jina on January 17, 2021

 Best Face shield to get protection against Coronavirus
Our world is waging war against the invisible enemy. Yes, it is the Covid-19 virus. The Coronavirus is infecting people in thousands. Each day the death toll keeps on increasing. The sad news is it is not contained in a country. Almost all countries are facing this threat.
The fact is we do not have any vaccine for this pandemic. The only way to avoid the disease is by taking safety measures. As confirmed by WHO, it is spreading through droplets. Whenever an infected person sneezes, it is entering the other's body. The main preventive measures are keeping our nose, mouth, and eyes covered. There are many PPE kits to prevent the spreading of the virus. The face shield is one of them.
Face Shield Anti-fog Transparent Protective splash-proof Visor
Now the pandemic is spreading like wildfire. So it is essential to safeguard ourselves. Primarily you have to cover your face. Many experts are recommending to use the mask as protection. However, it has its limitation. It will not cover your eyes.
So, using the face shield is the best option we have to protect ourselves. If you are looking for the best face shield, we are here to help you. Face Shield Anti-fog Transparent Protective splash-proof Visor is the best product on which you can rely upon.
Product Highlights
The visor comes with anti-fog quality. The double anti-fog material comes with 0.18mm thickness. So you can wear this even in snowy places to get protection as well as a clear vision.
Comfortable Wear
The face shield comes with a thick sponge. If you wear this, you will not get any irritations. The product is lightweight. As a result, you will not feel any heaviness feel on your face. It is the most comfortable yet effective protector.
Sweat Control
It is made with a Hypoallergenic foam band. This helps to absorb the sweat quickly and provides enough space for wearing glasses or safety goggles.
The face shield is made with high precision. It allows enough air to flow. The vented foam design increases the airflow and gives much-needed comfort.
The sonically welded band provides enough strength for the face shield. Which strengthens the product, and you can use it for a longer duration.
The face shield not only helps you to fight against the deadly Coronavirus, but also it can be used for many purposes. It is useful for dentists while performing dental work. The face shield gives protection against many bacteria and viruses.
Key Features
• Double anti-fog PET.
• Thickness -0.18 mm
• Hypoallergenic foam band for sweat control.
• Vented Foam design gives good airflow
• The sonically welded band provides strength to the product
• Lightweight
• Easy and comfortable to wear.
Indeed, there is no doubt that this face shield has all the capabilities to fight against the global pandemic Covid -19. But the best thing is you can use this product for other purposes as well. We recommend this product to secure you and your loved ones against the Coronavirus because it is good to be safer than sorry!

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 We now deliver to all major cities such as Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Canberra, Hobart. Please note that this is not a safety or medical device and it is not TGA or ARTG approved, we do not accept any liability as a company. Dentists may use the product at their own risk as it is not a TGA approved dental device. Please also jote that this is not an Australian made product and we do not claim that this device will prevent corona virus in any manner or form. Dental