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                Safety of workers at the workplace is the topmost priority of Australia Safety Wholesalers. The company commenced its import and wholesale business in 1980 with the production of eyewear that rendered the best defense against eye injuries. Once it obtained AS/NZS1337 certification in 1999, this company streamlined its whole collection with brand new safety glasses, face shields, and goggles. At that time, the market had only traditional designs of glasses, but it was ASW that instilled fashion sense into the century-old safety design. All thanks to ASW, people today can pick aesthetically-appealing safety glasses, goggles, and face shields for their workplace. In 2006, the company launched Safety Glasses Australia (SGA), and this collection unlocked those safety glasses and eyewear that adhere to industrial standards. Therefore, most industries in Asia and all over the world heavily rely on SGA due to its predominantly industrial styled safety glasses.

                Exclusive collection of Australian Safety wholesalers includes On-Site safety products such as mine flags, lights, barriers, smart ice, wipes, traffic safety, and vehicle safety. ASW offers protection to eyes through reading glasses, safety goggles, disposable eyewear, accessories, and replacement parts. Security to ear is assured through earmuffs and earplugs. Head safety is made possible through hard hats, welding helmet, sun protection products, face shield, brow guards, bump cat/hat, or visor holder. As far as hand safety is concerned at a challenging workplace, Australian safety wholesalers offer gloves of various kinds such as high-performance, disposable, and general-purpose. Need something to protect your body at work? You can think of getting a safety vest or disposable clothing. Even you can protect your feet through safety accessories. Last but not least, both disposable and reusable masks are available. In short, you can ensure your head-to-safety safety when you shop high-tech and certified products from the Australian Safety Wholesaler collection.

                Australian Safety Wholesalers Collection Blends Fashion with Protection (177)

                Disposable Overspec Glasses - Clear Lens (Box of 50 sets) 006MDSC


                Torque Earmuffs - Pink M10P


                Legionnaire Hat H1258


                Magnum Safety Glasses - Bifocal Clear Lens (+1.50) 068+1.50


                Bouffant Hair Net Round - Blue 21" (Carton of 1000) DBRB53


                Legionnaire Cap H1237


                Prowler Earmuffs - Pink M08P


                Magnum Safety Glasses - Bifocal Smoke Lens (+1.50) 068+1.50SD


                Magnum Safety Glasses - Bifocal Smoke Lens (+2.00) 068+2.00SD

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